• We listen to our Clients and Employees

    "Recruiting and retaining qualified, motivated workers is one of today’s toughest jobsite challenges ... Mark’s experienced bilingual team tackles this for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business." - Jimmy Sisson, Former Managing Partner, Waterway Recycling

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Our Services

  • Recruit, hire, deliver and orientate qualified, dependable workers for companies needing 6 or more longer term employees
  • As the employer of record, perform all related duties including applicant processing, I-9 documentation, etc.
  • Process all payroll including State & Federal taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation payments
  • Provide general safety training (slips and falls, back protection, etc.) and assist with client-specific instruction
  • Translation support
  • Help workers find doctors, dentists, lawyers, mechanics, etc., to minimize/eliminate downtime
  • Visit workers on & off client jobsites to assist with needs that may affect productivity

We listen to our clients

We listen to our clients
Mark “Marcos”, Rosa and Joe “José”


Our motivated workers will:

  • Reenergize your workforce
  • Increase productivity per hour which can decrease the number of workers needed
  • Reduce Human Resource costs by decreasing the money and time you spend recruiting, qualifying, training and keeping workers

Primero Staffing:

  • Understands the U.S. laws regarding foreign workers
  • Provides full service payroll and manages all workers’ compensation claims
  • Has bilingual ownership and management that understands Hispanic culture, having lived and worked throughout Latin America
  • Visits your facility regularly to ensure we are giving you the best possible employees and support

Quote from Mark

“We value your business and are committed to building a long lasting relationship by taking an interest in your company’s success.”
Mark Inderlied, President (757) 513-1900, marki@primerostaffing.com